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How You Can Help

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Ways to Donate

Charitable donations are the foundation of Catholic Charities. It is only because of the generosity of donors like you that we are able to offer our programs and services.

New Hampshire Catholic Charities d/b/a Catholic Charities New Hampshire is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductions to the extent allowed by law.

Cash or Pledge Gift

Checks should be made payable to Catholic Charities NH, or use your credit/debit account to set up monthly installments.

Matching Gifts

Many businesses and corporations match the charitable gifts made by their employees. A matching gift can increase the impact of your contribution. To see whether your company has such a program, contact your company's human resources department.

If your organization works with the United Way, you can earmark your donation to Catholic Charities by requesting that your donation go to us - write "Catholic Charities NH" in the blank.

Securities and Mutual Funds Shares

If you own stocks that have earned long-term capital gains, your gift to New Hampshire Catholic Charities will help you to avoid capital gains tax while benefiting the programs and services of New Hampshire Catholic Charities.

In-Kind Gifts

Do you own a printing business or promotional items business where you could donate a service? Can you offer a new item for one of our events to be auctioned off? Can you provide a service that would benefit the organization? Can you provide free advertising or media coverage? Please contact us at 603-669-3030 to discuss how your company could help Catholic Charities.

St. Louise de Marillac Legacy Society

What is Gift Planning?

Quite simply, “Gift Planning” is creating a way to use your assets to benefit a charity into the future. There are many ways to give, through your estate, some of which can even benefit your heirs.

Who’s Future? And Why Plan Now?

Creating an estate plan now will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled in the future. At the same time, a well thought out estate plan can ensure that the people, and the charitable organizations, that you care deeply about are treated as you wish to have them treated upon your passing. Nearly 50% of Americans do not have a last will and testament. This means, the assets of a person having no will, is determined according to state laws of “intestacy” (a person dies “intestate” if he or she does not have will). While your estate will pass to heirs by operation of law, none of your money will likely be directed to those causes and charities you care about unless you so direct in your will. Beyond this, there are over 100 ways to utilize gift planning to reduce a tax burden or even increase the amount your heirs will receive. It just make sense to have a will or trust in place.

Your philanthropy benefits struggling families & individuals in NH and it:

  1. Continues to support a cause that is very important to you.
  2. Creates a legacy that can be shared with future generations about the type of person you are.
  3. Utilizes current means to reduce the tax liability on your heirs.

In addition:

How Do I Create a Gift?

There are many ways to create a gift for the future. Among these are: bequests (specific gifts paid as you direct in your will or trust), insurance benefits, IRA benefits and various trust vehicles. The best resource to create a vehicle is a competent estate lawyer or financial advisor. For information on how to include Catholic Charities in your planning, please contact Karen Moynihan at 603-669-3030.

Planning now simply makes good sense. Estate and gift planning, while not a popular topic for most people, is something that should be done. Putting your “affairs in order now” – through proper and careful planning and a few simple documents – should lessen the financial burden on those who you leave behind while yielding great benefits for the future.

Vehicle Donations

You can make a tax-deductible donation of your old, damaged or unused vehicles by contacting CARS' Vehicle Donation Program at 855-910-4483.

For more information on vehicle donation, visit here.