Your Gift Can Change Everything

“While we have the opportunity, let us do good to all.” Galatians 6:10

By the Numbers

In the past year, you provided vital support for more than 141,436 New Hampshire residents. This includes:

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136,102 food insecure residents who no longer have to worry where their next meal will come from. (New Hampshire Food Bank)


2,284 individuals & families across the region moving beyond poverty, despair, insecure housing and the lack of basic life needs. (Parish & Community Services)

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351 residents healing from grief, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and the changing dynamics of family life. (Counseling Services)

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103 children whose parents now have the knowledge to welcome them into loving homes free of childhood stressors. (Our Place)

Your gift can change everything for New Hampshire residents who are desperately trying to move their lives forward amid poverty, despair, crisis and other major life challenges – and in many cases, they have nowhere else to turn.

Your gift changes everything for:

  • Justin, the teenager who grew up in an environment filled with trauma and neglect, but thanks to you, is connecting to the world around him in ways he hasn’t before and, for the first time ever, knows what hope feels like.
  • Emily, the young mother who wants one thing more than anything else – to build the future for her daughter that she never had. Thanks to you, she’s gaining the tools to balance a full-time job, childcare and night school as she pursues her nursing degree and builds that promising future for her small family.
  • Bill, the selfless father, who works more than 60 hours a week to make ends meet for his wife and five young children, yet faces the constant worry that’s not enough. But thanks to you, is receiving the financial literacy training and budgeting skills to set aside money each month to keep their apartment.
  • Janice, who doesn’t know how to carry on after the loss of her husband of 56 years. But thanks to you, she’s learning how to best cope, remember the happy days and carry on with a heavy heart.

There are hundreds of other lives like these across every corner and community of New Hampshire, from newborns and teens to adults and the elderly. Thanks to your generosity, you are helping them break free from extreme life obstacles and move their lives forward.

Impact of Your Gift


supports domestic violence legal services for immigrants.


Provides fuel and energy assistance to NH families struggling financially.


Funds a community session for families dealing with opioid abuse.


Supports the cost of a four-week financial literacy class.


Funds counseling sessions that keeps a family together.


Provides parenting education services for new parents.

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