Your Gift Can Change Everything

“While we have the opportunity, let us do good to all.” Galatians 6:10

Your gift can change everything for New Hampshire residents who are desperately trying to move their lives forward amid poverty, despair, crisis and other major life challenges – and in many cases, they have nowhere else to turn.

By the Numbers

In the past year, you provided vital support for more than 129,700 New Hampshire residents. This includes:

  • 2,385 individuals and families creating pathways out of poverty towards stability and self-sufficiency. (Community Services)
  • 586 homebound and disabled seniors avoiding isolation and hunger and remaining independent. (The CareGivers)
  • 305 individuals learning to better cope with and heal from depression, addiction, grief, substance use and other major mental health barriers. (Mental Health Counseling Services)
  • 114 homeless and struggling veterans becoming substance-free, obtaining employment and/or building a better life. (Liberty House)
  • 105 young mothers and parents who gained the knowledge and skills to provide loving, stable and nurturing homes for their children. (Our Place)

Catholic Charities NH does not sell or distribute its donor information. In the case of memorial or honoree gifts, families will be acknowledged as to who made gifts, but the amount of money donated will be kept confidential.

Impact of Your Gift


Provides material needs for a homeless veteran at Liberty House.


Provides fuel and energy assistance for struggling families.


Will pay for 5 mental health sessions.


Supports the cost of a four-week financial literacy class for a family living amid poverty.


Will pay for 4 months of grocery deliveries for a homebound senior.


Will pay for a gas card for someone we serve to commute to work.

Your gift changes everything for:

There are hundreds of other lives like these across every corner and community of New Hampshire, from newborns and teens to adults and the elderly. Thanks to your generosity, you are helping them break free from extreme life obstacles and move their lives forward.

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