A student at the St. Charles School in Rochester, NH. St. Charles School expectations image.

What Can Be Expected

St. Charles Staff Will

  • Help your child be engaged in the learning process
  • Help your child understand his or her behaviors
  • Hold your child accountable for the choices he or she makes
  • Encourage your child to want to make positive behavioral changes
  • Encourage your child to become more independent
  • Celebrate your child’s successes
  • Communicate to you any concerns we may have
  • Communicate to you what is happening at school
  • Strive to be learners ourselves, so as to be best equipped to help your child learn

What We Expect from the Student

  • Take responsibility for your own behavior
  • Come to school every day unless excused for an unavoidable reason
  • Do the best you can to try to participate in what the class is doing
  • Learn how to learn from your mistakes
  • Challenge yourself to learn new things
  • Respect the adults and the other students
  • Talk to the adults about how you are feeling and what you need

What We Expect from Parents or Guardians

  • Make sure your child attends school every school day
  • Call the school if your child will be absent (603-332-4768)
  • Be available to pick your child up if they become sick at school or if there is an incident of concern
  • Be available for school meetings and school-related functions
  • Call us and let us know about any changes or issues which might affect your child’s learning process: (such as medication changes, events that might have an emotional impact)
  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep at night
  • Provide your child with coat, boots, hats, mittens and snow pants to play outside in winter
  • Celebrate your child’s successes
  • Listen to what your child shares with you about their day
  • Please call or set up a time to speak with one of us if you have any issues or concerns

St. Charles School

19 Grant Street, Rochester, NH 03867 | 603-332-4768