The Reach & Impact
of Catholic Charities NH

Moving Lives Forward

How You Are Moving Lives Forward

Building Emotional Resilience – Mental Health Counseling Services

  • 80% of individuals indicate positive behavior change.
  • 79% of individuals report a reduction of symptoms.
  • 79% of individuals note improvements in their overall quality of life.

Creating Safe & Nurturing Environments for Children – Our Place

  • 100% of parents in the Our Place program improved their knowledge on parenting best practices and understanding key child development milestones.
  • 92% of parents in the Our Place program became more confident in their parenting skills, developing positive discipline techniques to create safe environments and prevent neglect.

Helping Homebound Seniors Live Independently – CareGivers

  • 97% of homebound seniors say their quality of life improved because of our services, which includes reduced feelings of isolation and improved access to food.
  • 96% of clients indicated that we helped preserve their wishes to live independently.
  • 92% of clients are able to afford prescriptions, utilities and other costs as a result of Caring Cupboard food deliveries.

Helping Homeless & Struggling Veterans Rebuild Their Lives – Liberty House

  • 93% of veteran residents established a bank account on their way to regaining financial independence.
  • 73% of our veteran residents secured meaningful employment on their path back to stability.
  • 64% increase in new admissions to Liberty House’s sober transitional living program for veterans.

By the Numbers: 2021

Over the past year, you provided a better life for hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire residents. This includes:

Creating Pathways Out of Poverty

  • 2,518 individuals and families, who came to us struggling to get by on a daily basis, are now working to develop sustainable solutions that allow them to become self-sufficient and successfully navigate future life challenges. (Community Services)

Helping Those Struggling Build Emotional Resilience

  • 309 individuals acquiring the skills necessary to better cope with difficult situations and improve their overall quality of life. (Mental Health Counseling Services)

Supporting Homeless & At-Risk Veterans

  • 229 struggling and homeless veterans working towards overcoming significant barriers in their lives – substance misuse, insecure housing, PTSD and more – while gaining the support and assistance to get back on their feet, regain their independence and build stable futures. (Liberty House)

Helping Seniors Live Independent & Fulfilling Lives

  • 987 seniors living their lives to the fullest everyday through compassionate short-term and long-term care programs in a faith-based environment. (Healthcare Services)
  • 518 homebound and disabled seniors able to remain living independently in their own homes and retain access to essentials and medical needs through food delivery, transportation and emotional support. (The CareGivers)
  • 83 seniors thriving in their homes and communities through expanded social opportunities and assistance with home maintenance, transportation and other daily tasks. (Monadnock at Home)

Helping Children in Crisis Reach for Their Potential

  • 24 children with severe emotional and behavioral impairments developing more positive behaviors and social skills and working towards successfully reintegrating into traditional school environments. (St. Charles School)

Shelter & Support for Mothers and Children Facing Homelessness

  • 132 young mothers and their children are escaping environments of violence, life on the streets and other traumatic pasts, building self-sufficient futures within safe, stable and supportive home environments. (New Generation)

Building Loving & Stable Families

  • 104 children on the path to growing up in healthier and safer environments because of the life skills, parenting knowledge and confidence their parents are gaining. (Our Place)
  • 74 individuals provided with a wide range of placement and post-adoption services that build, strengthen and unify families. (Adoption & Maternity Services)

Guiding Individuals & Families to Citizenship

  • 462 immigrants and refugees, eligible under federal law to apply for immigration benefits, working towards becoming proud and productive United States citizens through our high-quality legal assistance and advocacy. (Immigration Legal Services)

Feeding the Hungry

  • 16.5 million pounds of food distributed to more than 400 agencies statewide to help food-insecure families and communities. (New Hampshire Food Bank)



New Hampshire residents directly benefitting from our wide range of services.


Miles driven by CareGivers Caring Rides volunteers helping seniors get to vital medical appointments, dialysis appointments and the grocery store.


Total household members benefitting from the emergency assistance, financial literacy training and other support provided by Community Services.


Teletherapy and in-person sessions provided by our Mental Health Counseling Services program.


Hours of social interaction provided by the Monadnock at Home, fostering community and preventing isolation among seniors.


Parents of young children who become more confident, self-sufficient parents through the Our Place pregnancy and parenting education program.


Community veterans provided with assistance around everyday needs, such as food, clothing and transportation through Liberty House.


Children whose futures are positively impacted through the services they and their mothers receive at New Generation.


Online support groups conducted to help NH residents cope with the death of a loved one, job loss or broken personal relationships.

Responding to the Increased Need

2020 changed everything with the COVID pandemic – requests for our assistance rose to levels like never before. Yet, as 2021 showed us, the need for our various programs continues to grow across all corners of the state – and your support allows us to more effectively meet this demand and bring hope and stability to hundreds of more lives.

  • 75% increase in seniors driven to medical and other vital appointments through CareGivers’ Caring Rides program.
  • 64% increase in new admissions to Liberty House’s sober transitional living program.
  • 59% increase in homeless and community veterans who were provided assistance through Liberty House.
  • 18% increase in homebound seniors with better access to food through the CareGivers’ Caring Cupboard program.
  • 18% increase in counseling sessions for individuals across the state through Mental Health Counseling Services.
  • 11% increase in pounds of food delivered to homebound seniors through the CareGivers’ Caring Cupboard program.

Our work isn’t done. Help us reshape more lives!

Our mission is to respond to those in need with programs that heal, comfort and empower. This carries a different meaning for every child, teen, adult, family and senior with whom we work.

It means doing all we can to help a two-year-old child and his family keep a roof over their heads. It means instilling confidence in a mother who grew up in a broken home that – yes – she can raise her children in a loving and secure environment. And it means bringing a smile to the face of a young adult – for the first time in many years – as he finally breaks free from a lifelong struggle with trauma and depression.

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