At a Glance

At a Glance

Anyone in New Hampshire, regardless of faith or background, can access our wide range of services and extensive community network – which help individuals and families, at any stage of their struggle, build more stable lives.

Catholic Charities NH: At a Glance

New Hampshire’s largest social services organization

  • Our programs serve approximately 1-in-12 NH residents each year, of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.
  • 7 skilled nursing, 4 independent living and 1 assisted living communities statewide
  • 22 service locations throughout New Hampshire
  • 11 social services programs focusing on poverty, hunger, mental health, homelessness, unsafe environments for children and other issues impacting New Hampshire
  • Founded in 1945
  • 950+ employees

What Makes Catholic Charities NH Unique?

  • Far-reaching impact. Our wide range of programs directly supports approximately 1-in-12 New Hampshire residents each year, extending across all communities and corners of the state.

  • Focused on NH’s top issues: We provide solutions that help individuals navigate many of the top issues impacting New Hampshire today – the mental health crisis; the growing struggles of financial insecurity, food insecurity, homelessness brought on by cost of living increases; the opioid crisis; and limited supportive services for the state’s rapidly aging population.

  • An unmatched history. For more than 75 years, we have built a better quality of life for hundreds of thousands of individuals and families. We continually monitor the impact of our programs, adjusting to the changing needs of at-risk populations and communities statewide.

  • A focus on long-lasting change. Unlike many nonprofits, our programs are designed to address urgent needs, while shifting the dynamics of an individual’s life to create sustainable solutions that move lives forward. By offering integrated services and building relationships with other service-based organizations, we can holistically meet client needs, of various sizes and scopes.

  • Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching. By focusing on the universal application of the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching, we focus on unity and the impact of supporting the dignity and common good of all.

  • Fiscal responsibility – 94 cents of every dollar raised go directly back into our programs and stays right here in New Hampshire, making us one of the most efficient charities in the state.