Helping Veterans Regain their Independence & Build Stable Futures


Helping Veterans Regain their Independence & Build Stable Futures

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive community where local veterans facing homelessness, substance misuse and other struggles have a place where they can be supported on their journey forward, instead of living life on the streets or within unsafe environments.

For these veterans, developing a path forward can be a long and complicated process. With limited access to resources and benefits, it can be incredibly difficult for them to gain the proper support they need.

Through our Liberty House program, we offer a community where these veterans can gain the tools and assistance to restore their confidence, self-dignity and goal of living stable, independent lives.

Why This Matters

  • Homelessness is prevalent among veteran communities. Nationwide, 60,000 US veterans are sleeping on the streets and 1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness.

  • Approximately 70% of homeless veterans have substance use problems and 50% have serious mental health illness, both which are leading causes of homelessness. Many of these veterans are not eligible for traditional veteran benefits, and it can be difficult for them to gain the proper support they need.

  • Many veterans in our community live on limited incomes and have difficulty affording basic life needs such as food, clothing, transportation and other vital needs.

Our Response

A safe, substance-free and accountable environment for homeless veterans, using our unique 4-step process that guides them through recovery.

A robust support system and central location for much-need veteran resources across New Hampshire, including recovery meetings, community gatherings, job skills seminars, and educational workshops.

Assistance around everyday needs (food, clothing, transportation, camping gear, bus passes, resources and referrals) for community veterans facing financial limitations.

Results & Impact

Through our work, more local veterans are able to overcome substance use, homelessness and difficult pasts, working towards improving their health and lifestyle, gaining affordable housing and discovering the independence they were seeking. In the past year:


collective nights of housing for veterans in our transitional living program as they move from homelessness and other challenging pasts.


of our veteran residents secured steady and meaningful employment on their path to self-sufficiency.


veterans found support and assistance at Liberty House, working to overcome homelessness, PTSD, substance misuse and more on a path to independence and stability.

Our Program

Liberty House

Sober transitional housing | Community assistance


221 Orange Street,
Manchester, NH 03104

In Their Voices

A veteran with an accomplished career in manufacturing, Doug had it all, until substance use issues sent him into a spiral in his mid-40s. It would take years to find Liberty House, but once he did, he knew this was his path to a better future.

- Doug, Liberty House resident
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Your support helps many local veterans – our heroes – overcome their long-term struggles, get back on their feet and build the future they deserve.

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