New Beginnings for Children, Families & Veterans


New Beginnings for Children, Families & Veterans

Approximately 4,600 individuals here in New Hampshire have no place to call home, with many currently living on the street, in their cars, within a crowded shelter or in environments not suitable for human habitation.

Our goal is to reduce the number of homeless residents in New Hampshire – and overall cases of chronic homelessness – by focusing on two at-risk populations:

  • Veterans facing PTSD, substance use disorder and other major life challenges
  • Pregnant and single mothers with histories of abusive environments, substance use and mental health challenges

We work with both populations to build stability through emergency shelter, transitional housing and a wide range of support services designed to help them get their lives back on track, secure permanent housing and prevent recurrences of homelessness.

Why This Matters

  • Nearly 4,700 people in New Hampshire experienced homelessness over the past year. Nearly 30% were individuals in families with children.

  • Nationally, approximately 60% of homeless families were headed by single women with children.

  • More than 37,000 veterans experience homelessness in the United States, which is approximately 7% of the overall homeless population. Veterans with a history of alcohol and substance use disorder are at a higher risk of recurrent homelessness.

Our Response

Emergency shelter – including 24/7 support, food and access to basic necessities – that connects pregnant women and single mothers with children to a supportive group setting.

Substance-free housing for veterans who are homeless and have a history of substance use, with a unique 4-Step process that guides them through recovery, mental and physical wellness, meaningful employment and, ultimately a successful transition to stable, permanent housing.

A wide range of support services for mothers and veterans, including individual case management, financial fitness training and life-skills coaching, that foster education and career development opportunities aimed to prevent recurrences of homelessness.

Results & Impact

Through our work, more families and veterans are able to not only move from homelessness to permanent housing, but also gain the skills and resources to move along the path to self-sufficiency. In the past year:


Family members, including 48 children, received emergency shelter and housing at New Generation.


Of families receiving aftercare services through New Generation remained in permanent housing a year after moving in.



Our Programs

New Generation

New Generation is an emergency shelter and transitional housing facility for pregnant women, mothers, and children experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence, substance use and other major life challenges. Through our wide variety of support programs, we help mothers get back on their feet and build self-sufficient futures with stable housing and jobs.

Liberty House

Liberty House provides substance-free housing and connections to various community resources for veterans who are either homeless or face insecure housing; many of whom experience PTSD, substance use, unemployment and other significant barriers, and do not have access to traditional veteran benefits. Our programs and supportive community help them rebuild their lives and develop resilience as they gain access to affordable housing and stable employment.

Stories of Impact

New Generation: Helping Jolie Get Back on Her Feet

17 and homeless, Jolie was a new mother with nowhere to go. Read how New Generation helped her become her “best” self and emerge from homelessness with her child.
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Rewriting His Own History, One Day at a Time

Doug, a veteran and successful businessman, had it all – and then it was gone. After years of being lost, he found Liberty House and a chance to rebuild his life.
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New Life at New Generation

Pregnant and facing almost certain prison time, Brandy desperately needed to put her 15 years of substance misuse behind her and “do everything right” to find a new path forward. Then she found New Generation.
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