Our Culture & Benefits

We Invest in You.

Our Culture & Benefits

We Invest in You.

Picture this: Your alarm goes off, but instead of hitting snooze and rolling back over, you jump out of bed, excited to go to work because you feel valued, recognized and you have voice – knowing your work makes a difference.

We promote flexibility, and a strong work-life balance, to support the work that you love with your family, passions and interests outside of work. That’s the way work (and your life) should be – and it’s what you’ll find here at Catholic Charities NH, as well as so much more.

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Benefits & Perks

  • We take our jobs as seriously as our time away from the office. Our commitment is giving you a path to the best possible work/life balance. Whether you’re caring for your family or going to school at night, we work with you to make a schedule that fits your needs and keeps you recharged. 

  • Comprehensive benefits keep you covered for today – and the future. We offer competitive wages, generous time-off, low-deductible & affordable health insurance, 401K retirement plans, life insurance, dental, vision, employee assistance (EAP) and more.

  • Whether you are starting out – or looking for the next big step – we support you as you grow into a rewarding career that you love (and a career that loves you back) and set you up for success in the future. Gain access to regular career development and advancement opportunities, including the Pathways scholarship program for nursing professionals. 

  • Our employees defined the values of our culture through a collaborative and inclusive process – and your experience will be no different. Your voice is heard, your opinions are valued and your perspectives continually shape our environment while a strong sense of teamwork echoes throughout. It’s the kind of culture that enhances your overall sense of gratitude and fulfillment, helping you become more powerful and confident. And yes – there’s plenty of fun to keep you smiling and on your toes, including employee recognition, holiday parties and more.

  • Be part of something bigger, with meaning, purpose and fulfillment you won’t find anywhere else. Leave work with your head held high every day, knowing that you – and what you do – are bringing healing, comfort and empowerment to our neighbors and the communities around us. 

  • Our staff often share how their colleagues truly become their second family. Our values promote collaboration, respect and integrity for all. And it shows too with our low employee turnover. We’ve had many employees who have been here for over 30 years!

People with a Purpose

Our Values: CHOICES

Here at Catholic Charities NH, our values are not only a clever acrostic (CHOICES) – they are the fundamental elements that make our culture stand out every day – with our behaviors, our actions and our attitudes. When these values are put together, something truly special happens, each and every day. 

  • Combining our voices and continuously working together to ensure the best possible outcome for those we serve. 

  • Diversity makes us stronger, especially when we respect and include everyone’s unique backgrounds, perspectives and personalities.

  • Carrying a contagious passion, energy and enthusiasm as we, together, tackle the good days and the challenging times.

  • Character is displayed through our actions and words, and we depend on each other and those we serve.

  • Striving to serve others holistically, and meeting each person where they are physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • For everyone, there’s opportunity to grow each day – and continually develop our careers and who we are as people.

  • Service above self, leading with a servant’s heart in placing others’ needs ahead of our own.