Welcoming Newcomers


Welcoming Newcomers

For immigrants and refugees, the immigration process can be very complicated, costly and lengthy, often taking many years. Many cannot afford proper assistance or are unable to navigate it alone.

Our goal is to help make the entire process easier for individuals and families who are eligible under federal law to receive immigration legal services. We help them understand the process and achieve their goals, which, for many, is becoming proud and productive United States citizens. And through that, families and communities across New Hampshire are strengthened.

Why This Matters

  • Immigrants come to America not only in search of a better life, but also to escape violence, persecution and death. Without proper assistance, immigrants and refugees may be at risk of being exploited or unable to access their rightful benefits under federal law.

  • Immigrants positively contribute to our society and economy in many ways, including addressing workforce shortages and filling skills gaps. 41 percent of immigrants in New Hampshire possess a college degree or higher, and New Hampshire residents in immigrant-led households contribute millions of dollars in tax revenues every year.

  • Abuse and domestic violence against immigrant women is especially high, with nearly 49% being threatened on a daily basis. Without proper assistance, they face further cycles of violence.

Our Response

High-quality legal services for individuals who are eligible under federal law to apply for immigration benefits.

Assistance with various applications and petitions, including adjustment of status, visas, naturalization and family reunification.

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) support that creates safe legal pathways for victims who have escaped violence or human trafficking.

Results & Impact

Through our work, more immigrants and refugees are able to access proper immigration services, including those that provide them with an opportunity to effectively contribute to the economic and cultural makeup of our communities and society, as well as those that provide refuge for victims of domestic and sexual violence. In the past year:


Individuals, many of whom would not be able to access or afford proper assistance, were provided with high-quality immigration legal services.


new cases opened in the past year.


Different countries of origin were represented among those provided with assistance through our Immigration Legal Services.

Our Program

Immigration Legal Services

Guiding Individuals & Families to Citizenship


Nashua, NH
Manchester, NH

In Their Voices

  • “When I came to the United States as a refugee, I had lost contact with my family and knew little English. I had escaped the violence of my country, but felt isolated. Thanks to the support of Catholic Charities, I was able to learn English, get an education and ultimately become a U.S. citizen. And the immigration staff and their counseling and legal assistance is helping me reunite with my family.”

    Former Client
  • “Thank you very much for working with me in providing all necessary information and documents to make my dream come true – to become an American citizen. You were very professional and understanding – keep up the excellent work ethic.”

    Clarise, client

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