CCNH Announces LNA-to-LPN Scholarship Recipients

Three CCNH nurses that were awarded scholarships to Harmony Health Care Institute in Merrimack.
From Left: Aimy Caswell, Lucy Nyangena, and Sonia Dominquez.
Catholic Charities New Hampshire announced the nine recipients of its scholarship program for licensed nursing assistants (LNAs) statewide seeking their licensed practical nurse (LPN) degrees. The following Catholic Charities New Hampshire staff received full-tuition scholarships to attend the full-time LPN degree program at Harmony Health Care Institute in Merrimack:
  • Jessica Beaudette (St. Teresa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Manchester)
  • Cynthia Bisson (St. Vincent Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Berlin)
  • Caitlin Bryan (St. Ann Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Dover)
  • Aimy Caswell (Warde Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Windham)
  • Sonia Dominquez (Warde Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Windham)
  • Jenny Ferren (St. Vincent Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Berlin)
  • Marie Fleury (Mt. Carmel Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Manchester)
  • Lucy Nyangena (St. Joseph Residence, Manchester)
  • Abi Oluwole (Bishop Peterson Residence, Manchester)
The unique scholarship program was open to all full-time and part-time LNAs employed by a Catholic Charities New Hampshire skilled nursing facility for at least six months. Locations include Mt. Carmel Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Manchester, St. Teresa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Manchester, St. Joseph Residence in Manchester, Bishop Peterson Residence in Manchester, St. Ann Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Dover, St. Vincent Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Berlin, St. Francis Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Laconia, and Warde Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Windham. Nine CCNH staff received full-tuition scholarships to attend the full-time LPN degree program at Harmony Health Care Institute in Merrimack. “While these individuals come from different backgrounds, they share in their steadfast commitment to embarking on the next chapter of their careers and serving our residents with the highest quality care,” said Darlene Underhill, director of clinical services for Catholic Charities New Hampshire. “We know the challenges involved in working full-time, going to school and balancing all other aspects of everyday life. We are excited to create an opportunity that gives them the flexibility to pursue their professional ambitions while also building a better future for themselves and their families.” “For the longest time, I’ve wanted to become an LPN and now it’s actually happening,” said Caswell. “This scholarship will help me pursue the dream of becoming the best nurse that I can be. I’m eager to use what I’m learning to ultimately make a bigger impact on the lives of those I work with and care for.” “It’s an honor to receive this scholarship,” said Dominquez. “I’m grateful to be chosen and very appreciative of Catholic Charities New Hampshire for their commitment to advancing my nursing career and believing in me.” “This is a great opportunity and I’m excited to be a part of this incredible program,” adds Ferren. “I’ve always wanted to further my education and now I have the unique chance to do that. It’s opening doors that I never imagined possible.” Each applicant submitted an intent to apply, followed by an essay describing why they were seeking the scholarship and what it would mean to their lives. The Catholic Charities New Hampshire Healthcare Services leadership interviewed all applicants before reaching a final decision. For the duration of the program, students will work 32 hours and be paid for 40 hours. Recipients are also receiving all required program textbooks and uniforms. “We would also like to acknowledge Harmony Health Care for partnering with us in this endeavor and helping to make our employees’ dreams become a reality,” added Underhill. For more information on nursing careers at Catholic Charities New Hampshire, visit