CCNH Donors Illuminate Hope for Single Mom in Challenging Times

Keira, a single mother, embodies the spirit of a true rock star mom. After overcoming a long battle with substance use, she is now navigating the complexities of life for her son David, a sixth-grader with special needs. Dedicated and hardworking, she balances taking care of her son full-time while managing a job at a local school.

However, as we often see, having a heart of gold doesn’t shield you from life’s biggest challenges, especially when they pile on fast.

Eight months after David’s father left them, Keira has yet to receive her first child support check. Downsizing to a small apartment was a sacrifice she made, but she still can’t keep up with the growing bills as she grapples with providing for her child’s basic needs alone.

Facing an imminent electricity disconnect, panic set in.

“How will I ensure we remain warm? Will we spend nights huddled together without lights?”

In her darkest hour, Keira reached out to Catholic Charities New Hampshire. Through donor support, our Community Services program was able to offer her enough financial assistance to avoid a shutoff and connected her to appropriate legal services so she could start receiving proper legal support.

While there’s still hard work ahead, CCNH remains committed to walking alongside Keira and David. And we are now working with her on uncovering opportunities to ease the burden moving forward.

Keira isn’t just grateful for the caring donors; she now carries a renewed sense of faith in God, a beacon ignited by her transformative experiences with us. As she faces the road ahead, she is confident that the support of our staff, community, and God will continue to light her path toward brighter days.

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