By the Numbers

In the past year, you provided vital support for more than 141,436 New Hampshire residents. This includes:

  • 136,102 food insecure residents who no longer have to worry where their next meal will come from. (New Hampshire Food Bank)
  • 2,284 individuals & families across the region moving beyond poverty, despair, insecure housing and the lack of basic life needs. (Parish & Community Services)
  • 351 residents healing from grief, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and the changing dynamics of family life. (Counseling Services)
  • 103 children whose parents now have the knowledge to welcome them into loving homes free of childhood stressors. (Our Place)

Catholic Charities NH does not sell or distribute its donor information. In the case of memorial or honoree gifts, families will be acknowledged as to who made gifts, but the amount of money donated will be kept confidential.

Who you help

Robert with Su McKinnon from CCNH Concord

Robert was at the top of his career, until health issues took control, leaving him unemployed and looking for a place to live. Read more.

CCNH OUR PLACE client Kristen poses with her son

Kristen was 18 years old and pregnant, with no support from friends or family. How would we build a loving home for her son? Read more.

A man leans against a wall in despair

Sarah, Doug and their two small children were hours away from living out of their small car. Read more.

Our Partners