Empty Cupboards to Bountiful Blessings

It was Thanksgiving Day, and Norma sat down for a very special meal.

It was just her, and her precious kitten Noodles. But she had a lot to be thankful for because of the Catholic Charities NH community.

Living alone on a pension and with a small amount of food stamps, the past year had been tough for Norma. Rising inflation left her struggling to make ends meet, barely able to cover utilities and other necessities. However, a ray of hope shone through – a spot on the waiting list for senior housing that would save hundreds of dollars a month. But she had to wait a few months.

As Thanksgiving drew near, Norma eagerly circled the date on her calendar – this holiday had been her favorite since childhood. She found solace in the upcoming celebration, even if it required “saving” some food stamps and occasionally skipping meals to ensure she could provide for both herself and her precious Noodles.

Recognizing the urgency of Norma’s situation, Catholic Charities NH swiftly intervened. Through a collaboration with St. Anselm College, we provided Norma with a Thanksgiving dinner basket, bringing tears of gratitude to her eyes. We also helped with her growing electric bill, ensuring she wouldn’t have to cut back or skip meals as she transitioned to her new home.

In the face of adversity, individuals like Norma grapple with a harsh reality – deciding between basic needs like food, warmth, and light. Thanks to the unwavering support of donors like you, Norma no longer has to make these impossible choices.

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