10 Ways YOU Can Be a Giving Tuesday All-Star

10 Ways You Can Be an All-Star This Giving Tuesday

10 Ways You Can Be an All-Star This Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, November 27 this year, is a global day of giving – a day to celebrate and support the many charities and causes that are making the world around us a better place.

For those who live in New Hampshire, or hold a special place for the Granite State in your heart, it’s a chance to empower yourself to make a lasting difference – probably more than you could imagine.

By supporting Catholic Charities New Hampshire on Giving Tuesday, here are 10 examples on how far your gift will go:

  1. You are the deciding factor on whether a family of eight will spend 20 days without heat this winter – or will be able to stay warm.
  2. You are helping that young woman living on the throes of poverty who, unlike many expecting mothers, doesn’t know all there is to pregnancy and parenting but will stop short of nothing to build a loving home for her newborn.
  3. You are helping that newborn, too, to grow up in a loving, stable and safe home.
  4. You are giving the hope New Hampshire residents living in poverty never knew was actually possible.
  5. You are helping people like your neighbor – who unknown to you, is in dire need of financial assistance.
  6. You’re helping someone who has trouble affording a bus ticket, just to travel to their job 5x a week.
  7. You are helping that father of five, who works 80 hours a week, yet wakes up every morning asking, “How am I going to afford groceries for my family this week?”
  8. You’re helping unite a mother with her son, after spending five years dodging a volatile and dangerous political climate in their home country.
  9. You are providing critical mental health services to young adults who normally cannot afford it (and otherwise would leave their mental health untreated).
  10. You are preventing the trauma of physical abuse a young child will soon get if their father doesn’t get help for his mental health condition.