Hope’s Warm Glow: A Mother & Son’s Unbreakable Bond

Angela, a devoted single mother, would do anything for her nine-year-old son, Walker, who lives with autism.

Together, they cherish reading, baking, and going on weekend hikes. With the specialized resources he requires being too far away, Angela homeschools Walker, forming a special bond over pre-Algebra, Walker’s favorite subject. To make ends meet, she juggles two part-time jobs, carefully arranging them around the school schedule.

But, as we often encounter at Catholic Charities NH, even those with the strongest of bonds can have their lives upended without notice.

This past fall, Walker was unexpectedly hospitalized with a serious case of the flu, causing Angela to fall behind on her electric bill and risk having her power shut off. Faced with the overwhelming fear of losing their home’s warmth and light, and having to homeschool Walker in the dark, Angela turned to Catholic Charities NH in her hour of need.

Our caseworker worked with Angela to understand her situation and apply for a discounted bill with the electric company. Through donor support, we also provided enough financial assistance to get her bill back into good standing, ensuring that the lights stayed on. Underscoring our commitment to lasting change, we continue to work with her on financial fitness training and case management to ensure further stability.

Their story is a stark reminder that life’s unforeseen challenges can derail anyone – even a mom and son as close as Angela and Walker. And people like you are right there to pick them up, illuminating life’s darkest moments with the light of generosity and hope.

Angela and Walker can now continue to bake their favorite cupcakes together, with Walker advancing in his mastery of equations, and Angela facing each day not with anxiety, but with eager anticipation of what tomorrow will bring.

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