Our Place


Individualized one-on-one pregnancy, childbirth and parenting education is the core of OUR PLACE. Every young mother receives that and so much more:  a sense of support and community, an opportunity to grow and embrace their new role as a mother. They gain confidence and pride, and a chance to make new friends.

Serving mostly woman under 25, OUR PLACE ‘s small staff nurtures, guides and  prepares their clients to be the best parents they can be. OUR PLACE focuses on goal setting, education and life and job skill training. The small intimate team works closely with each client, guiding them to ensure they feel ready and supported for parenthood.  A sampling of education topics include: childbirth preparation, planning for a baby, breastfeeding basics, education about S.I.D.S and shaken baby syndrome, how to calm a baby, how to wean from a pacifier, the power of positive discipline, establishing a bedtime routine, and staying in control in difficult situations. OUR PLACE also offers the Cooking Matters program where young mothers (and dads too) learn to plan, shop, prepare and serve a nutritious meal on a budget.

Raising a baby is an exhausting, challenging, and hugely rewarding task. It requires every bit of patience and good character one can muster.  With encouragement, tailored services and continued reinforcement, success becomes a reality for these new moms.  Many graduates have gone on to form lasting friendships with their peers.  They get together socially as well as help each other with babysitting and support.

There are countless success stories as a result of the good work OUR PLACE provides.  “Sarah” a young mother of a little girl was advised to wean her baby off of her pacifier for dental health reasons.  Naturally the baby didn’t want to give up her beloved “bo-bo”. Karen, OUR PLACE social worker, worked with Sarah to teach her how to replace the comfort source of the “bo-bo” with a satiny blanket. With lots of positive reinforcement and loving encouragement, the baby made the switch.  A happy day for all involved!

OUR PLACE has three offices in Rochester, Manchester and Nashua. For information call toll free 866.970.5947