Relieving the Pressure of Uncertainty – Thanks to You

Pressure never bothered Tim much. His whole career in construction was one deadline, one demanding customer, one personnel issue, and one delayed material order after another. He actually thrived in pressure situations and consistently produced great work, often putting in 12+ hour days to build a secure future for himself and his wife, Carol.

Retirement was supposed to be their time – spending quiet time together, traveling and enjoying the fruits of lifelong labor.

But life delivered a different plan.

Carol was diagnosed with cancer. Tim’s back issues became more debilitating. The crushing medical bills quickly piled up.

“We had built a nice nest egg, but this stuff is coming at us so fast, with all the bills, and our savings is disappearing,” he says with obvious frustration in his voice. “There wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle on the job – but real pressure is fighting to take care of your sick wife and being scared to death they’re gonna shut your power off or thinking you might even lose your home.”

Enter people like you, who once again proved that your support of Catholic Charities can save the day – and more.

Our Community Services staff jumped right up, providing modest financial relief and arranging a payment plan with the power company so the lights could stay on, giving them much-needed peace of mind. Understanding the importance of long-term stability, we’re also working with them on budget planning, connecting them with local resources like food pantries, and providing ongoing case management to navigate the challenges ahead.

“Catholic Charities relieved the pressure for sure, and they’re sticking by us – we are very thankful that we’re not alone in this fight.”

Tim and Carol’s is a powerful testament to the transformative impact of your support for Catholic Charities NH. It is a reminder that behind every act of generosity, there is a story of real human struggle, resilience, and gratitude.

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Your gift to Catholic Charities NH means a better tomorrow for your neighbors in need across the state. They include those facing issues such as poverty, mental health challenges, homelessness, isolation and other forms of hardship and crisis.

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