September is Hunger Action Month

 September is Hunger Action Month

Did you know  1 in 9 people and 1 in 5 children are food insecure in New Hampshire?

Picture this:  In your child’s classroom of twenty, 4 of them are hungry.

September is Hunger Action Month, when Feeding America’s network of food banks unites to urge businesses and individuals to take action in their communities.  Orange is the official color of Hunger Action Month. 

We ask you to get involved in taking care of our neighbors.  Act on behalf of the men, women and children who are food insecure in New Hampshire.  It is our opportunity to create a movement throughout September that has a real and lasting impact.  

As individuals, charities, businesses and government, we all have a role in getting food and services to those in need.   Your donation is the simplest way to help. Every dollar you give provides two meals.  It may seem impossible, but with combined purchasing power we are able to acquire food at a significantly lower cost. Other ways to help include: hosting a themed food drive, volunteering to assist with special events at the Food Bank, assist with tending the production garden, and help sort through donations and fresh rescue. 

The New Hampshire Food Bank is the only food bank in the state and distributes food annually to more than 400 partner agencies including food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, children’s programs, senior centers and more.


The New Hampshire Food Bank works year round to address the causes of hunger and through their programs works to eliminate their root causes. Some of the programs that help to create change are described here.  

The Culinary Job Trainingprogram teaches unemployed or underemployed adults culinary skills necessary to gain employment in the food services industry.  The training kitchen is alive with classes teaching knife skills, culinary nutrition, food safety practices, and the elements of creating a delicious meal. Students are also taught other life and job skills such as resume development, interview techniques and more.

Cooking Matters®, a program of Share Our Strength. Working in collaboration with UNH Cooperative Extension and other partners, Cooking Matters teaches families how to shop and prepare meals on a limited budget.  Through hands on learning, adults and youth are connected with the resources and information they need to make healthy choices and make the most out of their food dollar. The results are impressive, with 71% of adult course graduates eating more vegetables and 67% of teen course graduates eating more fruit.

Production Gardenproduces an abundant crop each year from one acre of land. This fresh produce is used in the Culinary Job Training program and distributed to partner agencies.

Mobile Food Pantriestarget areas of the state that have limited access to food assistance programs. Each mobile food pantry provides up to 200 families with nutritious foods such as fresh produce, meats, dairy and shelf stable items.

SNAP Outreach assists families, seniors and others who qualify for SNAP (food stamps) with filling out the applicatio
n form. Sometimes those that need assistance don’t know how to get it.  Many of those in need are unsure how to apply or if they are qualified. This program works to see if they meet the criteria and help them finish the process. It is a tremendous undertaking to coordinate, manage and distribute good, nutritious food to those that need it.

Start today to make the change to New Hampshire’s hunger problem. Talk to your children. Make them aware that hunger is everyone’s problem, not just a child in another town.  Two hard working parents can still struggle to feed their family. Hunger is in every town, and in your child’s school, classroom, and possibly in the seat right next to him. Help your family to understand that Together We Can Solve Hunger. ™

For more information visit   Show your support in September by wearing orange!