Who We Are

Catholic Charities NH is a human services organization supporting individuals in need throughout New Hampshire. For more than 75 years, we have brought lasting change to individuals and families struggling with a wide range of issues that impact communities across the state such as hunger, poverty, financial despair, mental health, homelessness, unsafe environments for children and isolation among seniors.

Everyone comes to us with a unique story and set of circumstances. It can be a family of five who struggles to get by on a daily basis, a mother and baby with no place to call home, a homebound senior unable to afford enough food, veterans held back by traumatic pasts, or someone overwhelmed with mental health challenges. They are those with nowhere else to turn, those who feel forgotten, those who have lost all hope – and those who never envisioned being in a position to ask for help before, but have no other choice.

But no matter who they are, we help them address their own needs through compassion and understanding, promoting the dignity of each person and advocating for the common good of all, regardless of their background or beliefs.

We are their advocate. We are their guiding hand. We are their support system. We are the organization that will relentlessly uncover every rock possible to help them overcome barriers, gain stability – and start building the life they want to live.

Most of our services are accessible to individuals in any town or city, virtually or by phone.

Our Partners