Giving Tuesday: Who Will Your Gift Impact?

Who will your Giving Tuesday Gift Impact?

Who Will Your Giving Tuesday Gift Impact?

Giving Tuesday is on November 27. It’s a unique day in which you’re empowered to bring the mission and vision of charities into action. And, as we like to say, become a hero for the people or issues that need support. One of the (many) cool things about Giving Tuesday is there are many causes to give to, both globally or right here in New Hampshire. You can support several, or focus on one. Either way, give to what means most to you personally – and recognize that no matter the size of your investment, you are creating powerful and real change. Now, if you’re reading this, you may be asking “Well, why should I give to Catholic Charities New Hampshire on Giving Tuesday?”

Here are four short answers:

  1. Kalila: This tireless mother puts in long hours at her job in Atkinson in hopes of giving her nine-year-old daughter the life she herself dreamt of as a child. Living paycheck to paycheck, though, made it seemingly impossible for her. So she called Catholic Charities New Hampshire – and was able to give her daughter the one simple thing she asked for every summer. Find out more.
  2. Josiah: If you meet him, you’ll instantly recognize how sweet and big-hearted Josiah is. But behind it all, he was coping with a long history of traumatic issues, was withdrawn and shut others out. That began to change when he came to St. Charles School, a program of Catholic Charities New Hampshire, and made an unexpected friend that would change his life. Find out more.
  3. Diane: Diane’s favorite job in life is being a grandmother. Despite being struck by loss, illness and more, she never gave up and always kept the focus on her three grandsons, especially around her favorite holiday, Christmas. But she needed some help. Read Diane’s story.
  4. Stephanie: This ambitious mother had dreams of a successful career and comfortable life for her and her sons. But when her youngest son was born with autism, she had to give up her job to provide around-the-clock care for him. The loss of income was detrimental. Debt piled up and soon an eviction notice came. That’s when Stephanie found Catholic Charities New Hampshire. Find out more.
While donor support helped bring help and hope Kalila, Josiah, Diane and Stephanie never thought was possible, the work we do continues. There are many others, like them, across New Hampshire facing challenges most of us could never imagine, nor want to wish on anyone else.