New Generation

Shelter and Support for Mothers and Children Facing Homelessness

Help Turn Their Lives Around

Many pregnant and single mothers have no place to call home because of domestic violence, substance use or mental health issues. Through a family-oriented shelter, transitional housing, aftercare services and a variety of support programs, New Generation helps mothers get back on their feet and build self-sufficient futures with stable housing and jobs.

For our residents, New Generation is a safe, caring and motivating environment where they can pursue their hopes for a new beginning – and begin to build the lives they want to live. Our comprehensive in-house programs connect residents to employment and a supportive community with access to essentials needed for nurturing family development. Residents also gain the skills to build long-term stability for their family through intensive case management, life-skills coaching, parenting education and aftercare services.

Who We Help

  • Pregnant women, as well as single mothers and their children, who are experiencing homelessness or are on the brink of homelessness due to domestic violence, financial hardship, substance use, trauma and other issues.

The Challenges We Address

  • For pregnant and single mothers who face domestic violence, substance use or mental health challenges, there’s often no place they – and their children – can go. For many, their only other choice is living on the street or in their cars.
  • Building secure and stable lives doesn’t happen overnight. The journey from difficult transitions to permanent housing requires a supportive community that continually promotes life skills and accountability.

How We Help

  • Emergency shelter, including 24/7 support, food and access to basic necessities.
  • Transitional apartment housing for mothers who are working but still require some temporary support on a daily basis.
  • Individual case management, parenting counseling, life-skills coaching, childcare needs and financial counseling.
  • Aftercare services for former residents to prevent the recurrence of homelessness and further facilitate their path to self-sufficiency.
  • An on-site thrift shop and furniture barn that helps fund our programs and provides vocational training for former residents.

The Results

  • Mothers and children escape environments of violence, substance use, life on the streets and other parts of their challenging/traumatic pasts.
  • Mothers are connected to stable employment and permanent housing.
  • Children can live in safe and supportive home environments that can positively impact their long-term social, physical and emotional well-being.
  • And through that, stronger and more resilient families and communities are built.

For more information, visit the New Generation website.

New Generation

568 Portsmouth Avenue, Greenland, NH 03840 | 603-570-2459


“If I was not at New Generation, I would not have my daughter and I would be back out on the streets.”

– Amanda, former resident

“With New Generation, I had a shoulder to cry on, people who truly cared about me and wanted me to succeed with my son. They helped me see the bigger picture that I could be a responsible adult that others can look up to and say, ‘wow, she’s only 19, how did she do that?!’”

– Jolie, former resident

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