The Next Step: Advance Your Career While Caring for Seniors

Working in senior care is an incredibly rewarding career, with opportunities to directly and positively impact the lives of senior residents every day. While your focus is the well-being of your residents, it’s also common over time to feel ready to take the next step and advance your career. As you build on your skills, experience and qualifications, you’ll be equipped to provide improved care for your residents, adding even more satisfaction to this meaningful work.

Whether you want to move into management, become a nurse or advance within nursing, or further your education, you have options!

Growth Within Your Workplace

Often the best place to start is by asking your supervisor or administrator about career development opportunities within your workplace. Many facilities offer trainings in areas such as the latest best practices, team building and improving communication skills and will share promotion pathways to help motivated employees advance in their skills, experience and responsibilities.

For example, at each Catholic Charities NH nursing facility, our common CHOICES values – Collaboration, Honor, Optimism, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence and Service – are an integral part of daily life among all of our staff, promoting growth, team-building and a collective purpose. Within that motivational framework, there are also opportunities to advance professionally.

“If we see potential in someone that is motivated to advance, we help them,” says Joe Bohunicky, administrator of Mt. Carmel Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Manchester. “We recently promoted an LNA to a medical records position, trained her in-house, and she is doing an outstanding job. Another person in laundry wants to become a unit aide, and eventually an LNA, and we’re going to help her with that. You have to give people a chance, and we do that here.”

Educational Pathways to New Certifications

Furthering your education and gaining certifications relevant to senior care is a great way to boost your credentials and your income. Some of the most in-demand certifications include becoming a licensed nursing assistant (LNA), licensed practical nurse (LPN), or Registered Nurse (RN). These certifications allow you to take on more specialized roles and open up higher-level opportunities. New Hampshire has accelerated programs at local colleges to help working adults obtain certifications while employed, and some employers may even cover tuition or provide reimbursement.

The Pathways scholarship is a great example of what’s possible for a healthcare staff member at a Catholic Charities NH facility to work and receive full-time pay, while pursuing a new certification at no cost. Staff members work 32 hours a week but are paid for 40 hours, and they use that extra time for classes and studying – the results are life-changing:

“I always wanted to be a nurse. Pathways worked around my schedule and paid for my books, my uniforms, my fees, everything. I’m totally blessed and forever grateful that they picked me.”

– Jessie, LPN, St. Teresa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

“Becoming a nurse through Pathways helped my career and my family. We can dream bigger now.”

– Jean, LPN, Mt. Carmel Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Advancing your career in senior care takes dedication and hard work. But investment in yourself and your professional growth can pay off with more fulfilling work, greater financial rewards, leadership roles and a lifetime of positively impacting seniors’ lives. There are many opportunities available—at your workplace and through continuing your education. Like Jean, if you dream big and actively pursue options to develop your skills, experience and qualifications, you can take your meaningful career as far as you want.

Looking to take the next step in your career? Learn more about our Pathways scholarship program.

Interested in applying for a healthcare job today? Check out our career page and openings across New Hampshire, including in Manchester, Dover, Windham, Berlin and Laconia.

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